About Us

apie-mus-1The news portal called BalticAsia is a pilot project born in September 2013 out of an ambitious idea of uniting young and enthusiastic experts on East Asia who would be able to share their knowledge on Asia with their Lithuanian audience as well introduce readers from Asia with Lithuania and the common historic, cultural, political and economic ties that bind us.

In 2014 the team of BalticAsia notice not only the ever increasing numbers of readers and visitors to the website, but also a strong interest in using the translation, consultation and event management services of our young professionals. Cooperation with the three main Lithuania-based centers of Asia at universities and their experts also intensifies. This is the reason for BalticAsia expanding its profile and being formally established as VŠĮ ‘Azijos informacijos ir paslaugų agentūra’’ (NGO ‘Asian Information and Services Agency’).

Since 2015 BalticAsia members have been continuing to work on their ongoing projects, in collaboration with universities, ministries, embassies and other governmental institutions, NGOs, international and local companies, individuals, etc.

The information found on our website is unique, because:

– Many of the members of the BalticAsia team speak native Asian languages and relay news to the Lithuanian society from primary sources and so create  added value in society.
-100% of the team have a formal education in East or South-East Asia studies and/or Japanese studies or sinology, have lived, studied, worked and/or traveled in many Asian countries.
– BalticAsia counts many experts of various fields and from different East Asian countries as their partners.
-We cooperate only with those private and non-profit entities that foster mutual understanding and bipartisan relations of Lithuania and Asia.


apie-mus-2– Foster the friendly relations and cooperation not only between Asian and Lithuania, but also between other Baltic countries.

-Support in realizing potential and knowledge of alumni with East Asian background.

-Introduce the cultural, academic, business peculiarities of Asia to the society of Lithuania.
-Introduce Lithuanian culture to Asian tourists, as well as places of interest, provide other useful information to tourists and short-term residents.
-Regularly publish detailed and true information.


To create a unified community of Baltic and Asian experts which would encourage their self-actualization, the use of their competences, cooperation, exchanging relevant information and data on the virtual platform.