16 th Japanese Film Festival

The Embassy of Japan in collaboration with the Japan Foundation and “Forum Cinemas Vingis“ is proud to announce its 16th annual Japanese Film Festival. The festival will take place on February 3 – 8 at “Forum Cinemas Vingis“ in Vilnius. This is the perfect opportunity for cinema enthusiasts to experience a breath of fresh air that the modern Japanese film industry has to offer.

This time the festival will bring movies of different types, such as animation, drama, SF and nonfiction stories. The themes of the movies will include a variety of daily struggles, as well as relationship between people, personal growth and Japanese view of the world. A lot of attention will be given to issues akin to today’s society. Nevertheless, despite the rather serious tone set by the themes mentioned, the uniqueness of narration can captivate viewers both young and old. We offer viewers to not only experience works of world-wide renowned film producers but also discover the artwork and perseverance of creators taking but their first steps.

The opening day will begin with a romantic drama “Hospitality Department” based on a novel by the renowned Japanese writer Hiro Arikawa. The setting starts with a rather peculiar story about the administrational staff of the Kochi prefecture and their numerous attempts to promote the region.

On second day of the festival more attention will be paid to the younger end of the audience by presenting “Friends: Naki of the Monster Island“. The computer-animated film seeks to examine the distinct relationship between a monster and a human child, who accidentally ends up in the monster island.

February 5 will bring about historical memories from the past. The film “A Boy Called H”, based on Senoo Kappa’s autobiography and directed by Yasuo Furuhata, the film director often known as the Clint Eastwood of the East. The movie will transport its viewers back in time, to the days of World War II. The kind hearted protagonist, a boy called Hajime will have to face the fact that life is not always fair and times can often be cruel and unforgiving.

Meanwhile, February 6 will be devoted to the more mature end of the audience. The film “Dearest” is the second movie produced by Yasuo Furuhata at this festival. The movie is featuring a famous Japanese movie star, Ken Takakura, who has played in a number of movies made by Y.Furuhata. The author has once against successfully created a unique love story. This time, the protagonist sets out on a journey to fulfil his deceased wife’s last wish. What he does not know, however, is that on his way he will have to face many different people, each one with a distinct life story and daily struggles.

February 7 will be oriented towards an audience that enjoys detectives with a smidgeon of fantasy gushed on top. “Platinum Data” will transport its viewers to Japan, where crime is fought differently – with a help of state of the art technology that uses DNA of the citizens. However, the technology is far from perfect.

On the last day of the festival we urge you to have a look at “Fruits of Faith” – a story based on true facts about a journey undertaken by an apple farmer Akinori Kimura. Kimura is faced with an array of hardships whilst growing and cultivating organic apples, many of which in some way resonate with today’s struggles familiar to every one of us.

The programme of the 16th Japanese Film Festival:

February 3 d. 18:30     Hospitality Department (2013)

February 4 d. 18:30     Friends: Naki of the Monster Island (2011)

February 5 d. 18:30     A Boy Called H (2013)

February 6 d. 18:30     Deareast (2012)

February 7 d. 18:30     Platinum Data (2013)

February 8 d. 18:30     Fruits of Faith (2013)

The entrance is free!

Please collect your ticket 1 hour before the movie at “Forum Cinemas Vingis” ticket office.

See you at the cinema!

More information about the film festival:

Embassy of Japan in Lithuania:


„Forum Cinemas Vingis“ movie theatre: www.forumcinemas.lt

For more information about other cultural events please contact the Embassy of Japan: tel. +370 5 231 04 65, email: culture@vn.mofa.go.jp

Author: Baltic Asia

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