“Persona Non Grata” to release publicly in Japan

“Persona Non Grata” finished its world premier in Kaunas, Lithuania and Japan premier in Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.

From 5th December, its public release is to start.


Special premier at Okuma Hall, Waseda University

Main actor Toshiaki Karasawa portraying Chiune Sugihara, main actress Koyuki portraying Yukiko Sugihara and Director Cellin Gluck came to premier at Waseda University on 24th November.

Once Chiune Sugihara studied there, and majored in English language in 1918. On university’s campus, there is a commemorative plaque saying “I made a right decision not as a diplomat but as a human being.”

University has a society called “Chiune Bridging Project” proliferating Sugihara’s credit vigorously in Japan and Lithuania. The members of society were on the stage after screening and talked with actors and the director.


Commemorative plaque of Chiune Sugihara at the campus of Waseda University

Mr.Karasawa stated, “I felt difficulty in portraying a man with such a honorable credit.”

Ms.Koyuki mentioned, “While playing a role of Yukiko, I tried to always have an amiable atmosphere as his wife and, at the same time, as a mother of children.

“Persona Non Grata” pays attention to events beside Chiune Sugihara’s issuing of visas or people surrounding or succeeding him. Cellin Gluck explained the meaning of the film, “Nobody can live without someone’s help. I’d like to introduce not only his decision but also support of others.”

Moreover, one student from Chiune Bridging Project asked an advice concerning love. Karasawa’s serious reply provoked audience’s excitement.


Discussion with students.

The film premier event has been broadcasted on special program state-wide. The film is due to public release starting 5th December.

Sugihara movie

Author: Yasufumi Nakashima

After he entered Waseda University in 2012, he became a member of "Chiune Bridging Project" which is a society doing a variety of activities for the purpose of making Chiune Sugihara's credit more well-known. Regarding that, he studied about Chiune Sugihara and the Holocaust,visited the places related to them and did an internship at Sugihara House in Kaunas. Since 2012, he has visited Lithuania 4 times. From September 2015, he studies at the Faculty of Communication in Vilnius University. What attracts him is the atmosphere of Lithuania.

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