Yusho calligraphy exhibition in Vilnius and Kaunas

yusho calligraphy

Artwork by Yusho artist Mr. Kazumine Goda

The Embassy of Japan would like to invite you to the exhibition „Yusho calligraphy“ which will be held on 12th April – 2nd May in 3 different venues: Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, Mykolas Romeris University and Asian Studies Center at Vytautas Magnus University.

The Japanese are taught calligraphy from the early childhood. They believe that calligraphy lessons not only develop artistic sense in children, but also help to cultivate spiritual concentration and find inner balance.  There are many schools of calligraphy, all different in their writing style, mood and techniques. Yusho calligraphy was founded quite recently. Unlike traditional calligraphy, Yusho has unrestricted, free-style way of expressing letters which allows calligraphers to express the meaning of each Kanji characters more emotionally, and thus is a totally new calligraphy style. Even people who take a look at calligraphy works do not understand the meaning of a Kanji character itself, the pictorial like Yusho can reach people’s feeling despite of language barriers.

The exhibition features the works of several artists. The founder of Yusho, Kazutake Abe, and artist Kazumine Goda will participate in the exhibition opening ceremony on April 12th at Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO.

Kazutake Abe

The founder of Yusho calligraphy Mr. Kazutake Abe

Kazutake Abe, the founder of Yusho calligraphy, was born in Muroran (Hokkaido prefecture) in 1932. He developed a strong interest in calligraphy and moved to Tokyo In 1981, to pursue his hobby on a deeper, professional level. Starting from 1984 and until now, he has held more than 30 personal and group exhibitions in Japan and overseas. In 1990 he was appointed a chairman of Yokohama art school, and in 2008 he established „Yusho no Kai“ institution to proceed the Yusho calligraphy tradition.

Kazumine Goda was born in Kagawa prefecture in 1946. He started his own architectural design business and participated in various projects in the US, China and Dubai. While travelling and designing, K. Goda noticed how strongly a person‘s mentality is affected by the environment they grew up in. In this exhibition the artist is seeking to express the rich nature and cultural heritage of Lithuania through Japanese characters, fusing the two cultures. His art always focuses on cultural diversity and integration of different cultures.

After the opening ceremony, Yusho demonstration and workshop will take place. We would like to invite you to the exhibition and enjoy the impressive Yusho calligraphy!


More information about Yusho exhibitons:
Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO

Opening: 2016 April 12 (Tue) 17:30

Workshop and demonstration: 2016 April 12 (Tue) 17:30

Duration: April 12 – May 2

Adress: Šv. Jono g. 11, Vilnius


Vytautas Magnus University Center for Asian Studies

Duration: April 15 – April 29

Workshop: April 15 (Fri) 15:00

Adress: Vaižganto g. 30, Kaunas


Mykolas Romeris University

Duration: April 12 – April 20

Adress: Ateities g. 10, Vilnius

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