“Back to the Future. Nepal 2071” photo exhibition

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Airina Pinevičiūtė is Lithuanian from Plungė who is currently volunteering in Plungė Region Municipal Library and has spent the last five years embracing adventurous spirits. Airina has visited South African Republic, Thailand, and a handful of European countries. However, Nepal was the country that had opened her heart and mind the most. After buying her one-way ticket back in 2014, Airina spent three months in the country. Upon hearing the news about the devastating earthquake that hit the country in April and again in March in 2015, she set her goal to raise the awareness and promote the uniqueness and richness of Nepal. Airina shared her thoughts on how the idea to make the exhibition was born:

While volunteering in [Plungė] library I come up with the idea to make a small exhibition of photos I had. However, initially, for me those photographs were only pretty pictures – there were no cultural history, no people stories, no mountain stories, no Nepal behind. They were merely images that anyone could look up on the Internet. And that’s how I started to write small stories next to each photograph. Eventually, the exhibition evolved into more of an educative project rather than some ‘dry’ exposition of photos.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on the 22nd October, 17. 30 at Plungė Region Municipal Library. During the opening night, Airina is going to share her unique experiences and impressions during her stay in Nepal. She is also going to introduce the visitors of the opening night to the Buddhistic painting style thangka that she herself had the opportunity to try in Nepal.

The exhibition will be on display until the 21st of November.

Street food-stall in Kathmandu's oldtown.

Street food-stall in Kathmandu’s oldtown.

Buddhist prayer walking around stupa.

Buddhist prayer walking around stupa.

One of the biggest treasures of Nepal - its people's openness and smiles.

One of the biggest treasures of Nepal – its people’s openness and smiles.

Village schoolgirls on their way home.

Village schoolgirls on their way home.

Rice paddies with the Himalayas alpine in the background.

Rice paddies in the background of Himalayas alpine.

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