The exhibition of student works from Okinawa in Birštonas

Tlogohis year marks the 25th years anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Lithuania. While strengthening the cooperation between the two countries, a relationship between Kunigami in Okinawa prefecture and Birštonas city has been started. Taking this occasion, an exhibition of Kunigami school children works will be shown at Birštonas gymnasium from April 1st, 2016.

The works of the exhibition were sent by the school children of 8 different schools of Kunigami, and you will be able to enjoy more than 100 original and exotic art works. The works will move people’s heart as if they represent warm and friendly dispositions of people in Okinawa, the southernmost region of Japan.

The artworks are created by using traditional Japanese engraving and printing technique, calligraphy and watercolours. Some Japanese students attend engraving and printing classes at a primary school. The 1-3rd year students use scissors in making paper prints, while the 4-6th year students use special knives and make wood engraving. After engraving they put paint and print the carving on white or colourful paper.

We kindly invite you to visit the exhibition and get to know the life of Japanese children and experience their dreams, as well as discover similarities between the two cultures.

Opening of the exhibition: 2016 April 1st, 13:00 o‘clock
Place: Birštonas gymnasium, Kęstučio str. 29, Birštonas
Duration: April 1 – 22nd
Free entrance



*More information about the events organized by the Embassy of Japan in Lithuania:
tel. +370 5 231 04 65, el.p.

Author: BalticAsia

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