Anime Nights 2014 English: Anime event in Kaunas

Anime Nights 2014 English

Japan lovers will be over thrilled! On April 11-13, presented by the student’s council “InfoSA” from Kaunas University of Technology faculty of Informatics, the biggest, longest and this year the 9th festival Anime Nights 2014 English dedicated to Japanese anime culture is coming to Kaunas. The festival “Anime Nights” tries not only to present the broadest range of Japanese animation, but also introduce Lithuanian and foreign viewers to a small part of the unique culture of the country of the Rising Sun.

Anime Nights 2014 English

Anime Nights 2014 English

From cosplay to food tastings

The festival Anime Nights 2014 English will take place during all of the weekend in the legendary cinema theater “Romuva” and will showcase events not only for seasoned lovers of Japan, but also those who are just starting to get interested in it. Anime Nights are most well known for their nightly screening of Japanese anime and this year is no exception –11 different works of anime will be screened, all of which have already garnered recognition in Japan and worldwide. All of the films will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

Those wishing to see a more traditional side of Japan will be welcomed to various creative workshops: origami, calligraphy and mizuhiki. Besides that, attendees will also be able to participate in tastings of Japanese foods as well as a myriad of other yet undisclosed surprises.

Visitors of Anime Nights 2014 will also be able to see a display of the worldwide costume phenomenon – Cosplay. Cosplay is an opportunity for everyone to step into the shoes of their beloved characters from anime, movies, comics, games or etc. There will be a cosplay competition held during the festival, but visitors are encouraged to create their own costumes from scratch and participate in the festival already in it.

The schedule of the nightly programme:

The first night Program:

21:00 Opening
21:10 One Piece Z
23:20 Nerawareta Gakuen
01:40 Tezuka Osamu no Buddha
03:40 Wasurenagumo
04:30 Blood – C [N-18]
06:20 Closing of the first night

The second night Programme:

21:00 Opening
21:10 Ao no exorcist
22:40 The Garden of Words
23:25 Death Billiards
00:30 Tokyo Godfathers
02:10 Saint Onii-san
04:00 Corpse party: tortured souls [N-18]
06:00 Closing of the second night

Entrance fee:

One night – 15Lt (N-18)
Two nights – 25Lt (N-18)
The day part is free of charge.

More info in official website.

Author: Šarūnas Šalkauskas

A local resident of Vilnius who has transformed innocent flirting with manga and anime from his school years into M.A. studies of Contemporary Asia at Vilnius University and provides an analytical view on all the different facets of Japanese popular culture.

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