BAAS Conference 2014

Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) Conference 2014 in Vilnius


Baltic Alliance for Asian Studies (BAAS) operates as an institutional alliance of the University departments, the activities of which comprise studying and/or research in the field of Asian, Middle eastern, African or Oriental studies. Till 2014 it has five members (alphabetically after the University): Department of Middle Eastern and Asian Studies (Tallinn University), Centre for Oriental

Aula Parva

Aula Parva

Studies (Tartu University), Department for Asian Studies (University of Latvia), Centre of Oriental Studies (Vilnius University), Centre of Asian Studies (Vytautas Magnus University).

The conference is a biannual event of the BAAS, which is followed by the BAAS institutional representatives‘ meeting. The Conference is aimed at creating a forum of the researchers in Asian, Middle Eastern and African studies from the three Baltic states and  their international partners. The conception of the conference is that topics for panels may include area-specific or discipline-specific or interdisciplinary subjects; panels may comprise no less than three papers.

Conference organisation is a joint responsibility of the BAAS Board managed by the Vilnius University which is presiding institution untill 2014.

The Board of the BAAS:

Audrius Beinorius (Vilnius University)
Frank Kraushaar (University of Latvia)
Mart Laanemets (Tartu University)
Maret Nukke (Tallinn University)
Aurelijus Zykas (Vytautas Magnus University)

Secretary of the Board of the BAAS:
Valdas Jaskūnas (Vilnius University)



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