Workshop “New Café, new life”

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“Baltic Asia” invites to a workshop “New Café, new life”. Special guests of this event are “Cofee1” owner Skaidrė Kirkaitė-Leonova, “Šviežia kava” barista Barbora Zabelskytė and guest from Japan Hiroki Kaminaga. The main purpose of the event is to bolster economic relationships between Japan and Lithuania also to present coffee culture in both countries and to encourage people to establish their own café. Special guests during the event will make a short presentation on these subjects. Guests will also share their experiences, interact with guests of the workshop, will be giving an useful advises. Guests and participants will be also divided into groups of 4 people and each of the group at the end of the workshop will be able to present their own view on various subjects related with the main theme of the workshop, so we encourage everyone to take part in the discussion.
All presentations and discussions will be held in english! The workshop will take place in VU Central Campus, Hindi classroom, on 20th of June, from 16:30 untill 19:30.
During the workshop all participants will be able to enjoy various coffee and even “Macha” for free! The event is supported and financed by the Tsukuba University.

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