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Team | BalticAsia


  • Andrius Bubnys

    Fascination with Asia started with Japanese animation. In my school years I was a member of the first Lithuanian anime fan club "OtakuDo". In those days Internet was a luxury, and every video tape had a value of gold, so I know the importance of cooperation and information sharing. Currently I am studying for Master’s degree in Contemporary East Asian Studies at Vilnius University. My research interests are popular culture (especially cinema), history and international relations. I focus mostly on Japan, but recently I am also trying to learn more about other countries in the region.
  • Arvydas Kumpis

    Interest in East Asian countries began while still in high school. Now, having graduated from East Asia Region Studies (MA), he continues to explore Japanese history, culture, politics, and social structure.
  • Audrius Sabūnas

    Audrius is a graduate student in Energy and Environment at VMU and a polyglot. Having numerous fields of interest, Audrius primarily focuses on sustainable development, renewable energy and world energy policies for his research. He has been enchanted by East Asian cultures, societies and languages since high school times. A 1 year experience in Japan has allowed him to improve Japanese, take up Korean and fall in love with Okinawan. The 21st century is the century of information, hence it is my pleasure to share my knowledge with Baltic Asia readers.
  • Chihiro Kuwahata

    Digital Marketing Analyst in Fashion & Lifestyle in Tokyo. Worked at ELLE DECOR Japan magazine and event production for PR after graduating from San Francisco State University.
  • Gakuto Fujita

    In 2008 he earned a Master's degree in Arts with a focus on Film studies in Tokyo. Then in 2013 he has decided to enter the third university in his life to do Compulsory Education Studies. He is a big fan of Taiwanese movies, and expresses his respect to such movie directors as Hou Hsiao and Edward Yang.
  • Gediminas Giedraitis

    The hunger to understand this world started in the childhood days and quickly led to the discovery of the Eastern religions. But one can sentimentally say that only after reading Zen master's poems the gate to the infinite knowledge was opened. And so it has remained – the world in all its forms primarily understood through Zen. My general interest in Asian culture increased over the years, and after BA history studies I decided to enter the Contemporary Asian Studies Program at Vilnius University (MA). My research has mostly focused on Lithuanian and Chinese, Japanese political and cultural relations of the past and reception of Buddhism in Lithuania.
  • Greta Oss

    Her love for Chinese language and culture led her to Chinese Studies and soon enough the university in England was replaced by one in China - that was the start of the never ending adventurous journey through East Asian history, culture, politics, economy and languages.
  • Ignas Sakalauskas

    Having traveled all across Japan and Taiwan in his study years, now he expresses his interest in the latest technologies, East Asian languages and cultures in ironic and funny “IT” articles.
  • Ineza Stankovskytė

    It all began as a gamble to travel Japan on her own, but resulted in serious commitments to East Asian studies in Germany and business relations with Japan that already last for 4 years.
  • Julius Pukelis

    Having studied in Osaka (Japan) for one year, he has mastered the Kansai dialect and spent some time traveling in China. His interests span history, modern East Asian cultures, and pachinko.
  • Lina Bartusevičiūtė

    Fluent in Chinese language and culture, Lina has studied, worked and lived alongside locals in Shanghai since 2009. She is currently attempting to complete her Master's degree in one of China's best rated Shanghai Fudan university.
  • Milda Rimkutė

    Milda is a specialist in Japanese studies, who has studied in Japan for one year and visited neighbouring Asian countries. She is interested in both traditional East Asian cultures, and their more bizarre manifestations.
  • Mindaugas Kličius

    Interest in East Asia began during history studies at Vilnius University, and from that time it became more than just an interest. Currently I am the 4th year student of Japonology in the Centre of Oriental Studies at Vilnius University. In the beginning I was mainly concentrated on Japanese history from Meiji period, but after some time my field of interest expanded, and now it embraces geopolitics of Japan and Japanese philosophy, both ancient and contemporary one.
  • Monika Dvirnaitė

    Lithuanian and English language editor and translator. She has studied one year in ICU University in Tokyo, where she has learned Japanese language and became aware of the rules that govern communication with the Japanese people.
  • Nina Ždanovič

    Asian Studies major, who likes to have her horizons as broad as possible, ranging from Japanese surrealist painters to eukaryotic cell structure. Believes that every single thing should be seen as a part of a bigger picture, and trust me, if you disagree, she would eventually convince you. At least four to five times. All in different languages.
  • Roberta Mikailionytė

    Japanese studies specialist who has graduated from Vilnius University and spent one year in Japan, studying at Tohoku University, after being awarded Japanese government scholarship. After finishing her studies Roberta cooperates with “Japanese culture center” located in Vilnius, gives Japanese lessons, works as Japanese translator/interpreter and takes part in various Japan-related projects. Is especially interested in the history of bakumatsu period, independent Asian cinema and the culture of Tohoku region.
  • Rūta Aleksandravičiūtė

    While studying Japanology in Lithuania, she fell in love with Osaka, its people and the charming Osaka dialect. At present she is doing her master’s studies in Japanese language and culture at Osaka University. She has a strong interest in Japanese modern culture, lifestyle, social tendencies, and youth fashion.
  • Šarūnas Šalkauskas

    A local resident of Vilnius who has transformed innocent flirting with manga and anime from his school years into M.A. studies of Contemporary Asia at Vilnius University and provides an analytical view on all the different facets of Japanese popular culture.
  • Severija Maldutytė

    A psychology student from Vilnius University, who was interested in Japanese and Korean cultures, learned Korean language and flew to South Korea as an exchange student to deepen her knowledge in East Asia, South Korea and Korean language. After she came back to Lithuania, she seeks to share her experience with everyone and is currently working with translations and international projects.
  • Sida Nakrošytė

    I am a Japanese culture enthusiast from Klaipėda. During my teen years, I was an active member of Lithuanian Japanese animation forum, where I would contribute articles and reviews about traditional and contemporary aspects of Japanese culture. I have visited Japan twice, including a four-month exchange programme at Kyoto University. Currently, I am individually studying Japanese language and volunteering in Klaipėda I. Simonaitytė Library‘s project “Travelling Library”, where I am promoting the beauty of Japanese culture to Lithuanian people.
  • Skirmantė Tumosaitė

    MA graduate in Anthropology of Media, with focus on Japan. In 2008, following a youthful pursuit of all things different, I‘ve enrolled into Japanese studies programme at Vilnius University. My studies journey took off to universities in Germany, Japan and the UK, exposing me to vast and varied information sources on Japanese social issues, narratives of foreign and local politics, media patterns, and popular culture (with a splash of futurology on top). Outside of academia, I hold one year of professional experience in working with Japanese B2B clients in interior design and textile markets.
  • Sofia Mashovets

    Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Sofia is a journalist and digital marketer who had lived in Bangkok, Thailand, for over 5 years, working mostly in marketing communications for international companies. Having traveled for work and fun, she possesses great knowledge of the region, including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong. Although she has moved back to Europe, Sofia has left her heart in Southeast Asia, and enjoys telling about this fascinating part of the world - from politics and religion to food and pop culture - to anyone who would listen.
  • Yasufumi Nakashima

    After he entered Waseda University in 2012, he became a member of "Chiune Bridging Project" which is a society doing a variety of activities for the purpose of making Chiune Sugihara's credit more well-known. Regarding that, he studied about Chiune Sugihara and the Holocaust,visited the places related to them and did an internship at Sugihara House in Kaunas. Since 2012, he has visited Lithuania 4 times. From September 2015, he studies at the Faculty of Communication in Vilnius University. What attracts him is the atmosphere of Lithuania.