Movie about Chiune Sugihara world première in Kaunas and Vilnius

Sugihara movie

This year marks the 75th anniversary since Vice-Consul of the Consulate of Japan Chiune Sugihara issued Japanese visas to Jewish people that were fleeing from Holocaust during the Second World War. In Lithuania, various events are organized to commemorate the anniversary, one of them being the world première of “Persona Non Grata”, a film made in Japan about Chiune Sugihara. It is going to be aired on October 13th in cinema theatre “Romuva”, in Kaunas.

The première is an extraordinary event since Lithuanians will get the chance to be the first ones to see the historical film about Chiune Sugihara, the Righteous among the Nations, directed by Cellin Gluck. Meanwhile, the film in Japan will be aired on December 5th. During the première, the audience in Lithuania will be able to meet the director and the main stars of the film, Toshiaki Karasawa and Koyuki.

Film was shot in Poland, reliving the period of 1934-1955, with international cast from Japan, France, Poland, and Russia. Audience will have a chance to appraise the famous Japanese actor Toshiaki Karasawa’s efforts to portray Chiune Sugihara, who’s story until this very day moves everyone and embodies the values of bravery, humanity, and compassion. Lithuanian audience will recognise actress Koyuki, who portrays Sugihara’s wife in the film, from Edward Zwick’s film “The Last Samurai”.

The film will be in Japanese, English, and Polish with Lithuanian subtitles. Choosing film theatre “Romuva” for the world première was also not coincidental. Film makers had visited Lithuania in September and decided that it is the perfect place since the theatre was open during the same time as Sugihara was residing and working in Kaunas.

People from Vilnius will get a chance to see the film on Octorber 14th in Vilnius University Theatre Hall (lit. Vilniaus universiteto Teatro salė).

The film première’s in Lithuania places and dates:

  • 13 October Kaunas’ movie theatre “Romuva” (Laisvės ave. 54, Kaunas) at 18:00. The door will open at 17:00.
  • 14 October Vilnius University (Universiteto st. 5, Vilnius) at 18:00.

The entrance is free.


Do not miss the chance to be the first one to see the film!

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Sugihara movie

Film scene

Sugihara movie

Film scene


Vice-Consul of the Consulate of Japan Chiune Sugihara

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