Written translations

Written translations

Our translators can translate texts of any kind (i.e. documents, contracts, academic papers, novels and specialized literature) from into the Lithuanian, English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages.

The price of translations depends on the difficulty of the original text, the need for urgency and the extent of the work needed.



Have your business partners from East Asia arrived and you want to hire an interpreter to ensure that their stay is comfortable? Maybe you need an interpreter who would be able to accompany you and your guests everywhere you go? Our translators have a vast amount of experience participating in various cultural events relating to Asia and also interpreting at live TV and radio broadcasts.



Do you still not have a website and have no informative content prepared in any language? Introduce your products, services and ideas you would like to have in your websites and our copy-writers and content creators will take care of the rest.

Subtitling and transcribing

Subtitling and transcribing visual and audio material

Subtitling and transcribing requires an intimate understanding of the cultural references of the original material and our team of translators can ensure that there will be no inaccuracies and spelling mistakes in the translation of your film.



There are times when a technically accurate translation requires a high level of sophistication, this is especially true for texts that seek to engage the emotions of their readers (e.g. promotional texts, articles for the press, novels, short stories and etc.). In these cases we offer the editing services of native speakers from Japan, S. Korea, China so that your message would reach your target audience the way you intended it to.


Event organising

Our young and enthusiastic team will help you organise any kind of academic or business conference, cultural events and any other event related to Asia. We will generate ideas, make sure they are implemented in full and make sure that the event goes smooth.


Intermediation with suppliers from Asia

East Asian countries are known for many unique products, however because of cultural and linguistic barriers rarely are they available in Europe. We offer our services – we will carry out an analysis of suppliers meeting you requirements, take care of all of the communications and logistics.

Tour guide

Tour guide services

Our tour guides are able to not only freely communicate in East Asian languages, but are also familiar with their cultures – this will help you to avoid not only linguistic, but also cultural misunderstandings. If you will be using the services of our tour guides we can tailor the visit of your Asian guests so that it would meet their interests and needs.


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